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National Poetry Month

Many thanks to all of the students who submitted poems throughout April! They're all well-crafted and inspiring. :)

Here are a few we'd like to share:

Norah S.
Ripples on a pond
Lily pads drift by you
As your canoe sways

Waterfalls crashing
Birds singing a cheerful tune
Welcome to the Wild

Footsteps trail away,
Land covered in a blanket
As snow is falling

Rainbows in the sky
A whirlwind of colours
Dancing all around

Waves crash against the shore
A seagull sings mournfully
Across the ocean

Dotted with flowers
The grass swaying in the wind
Rolling hills of green

A frost bitten leaf
Puddles are frozen over
Winter has struck

Susannah S.
Everything is fine
She repeated over and over...

Am I good enough?...

Am I losing myself to the mask?...

How can I find it again?...

Rohen S.
I like to play games
Every day on my Xbox
Soon I will sell it

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